Different Types of Standup Paddle Boards

It is always good to have options. Think through the different types of activities you want to do before making your purchase. If you’re new to paddleboarding, check out the different types explained below. We will give you a glimpse into the different kinds of standup paddleboards and their performance. Keep in mind that boards come in all different materials and sizes. You always want to make sure a board fits your height and weight, plus a little extra for any gear you may bring or friends who paddle with you. Paddleboards can be inflatable like ours, or made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy or other materials. We like the inflatable version for a couple reasons. Namely because they’re more affordable - you can buy two inflatable boards for the same cost you can buy a single hard board - and because they are so easy to transport. You can bring an inflatable paddleboard to a park near your home, camping, on vacation - you can even carry it on a plane!

All-Around paddle boards are designed to be stable and easy to use for new boards. The boards are typically a little longer and broader with less rocker, so they sit flat and balanced on the water. Although they may not be the fastest boards, they are perfect for cruising, floating and just hanging out. When you purchase a paddleboard make sure the weight requirement fits you. For example, if you weigh 125 pounds, you will want to buy a board that can hold up to 150 pounds or more. It is essential to have some margin and not max out the board because you might want to bring your pet or pack some supplies.

Surf Style paddle boards are designed for the ocean surf with a narrower shape and more prominent rocker which allows the board to generate the lift and thrust needed to move across the face of the wave. The waves often come in at a fast pace, and you’ll need a streamlined board that works with you as you paddle quickly to catch the wave. As you match the speed of the wave and slide down the face of your board, you'll reach one of the most exceptional experiences life has to offer. Remember to purchase a surf style paddle board that fits your weight and size so make sure you look at the weight rating. A 10’6 board seems to be the best fit for most surfers.

Touring Paddle Boards, glide over open flat surfaces like lakes, open ocean, and large flat rivers. The board is typically longer with rounded edges to increase glide and speed. The board’s nose has a narrower shape that allows it to cut through any wind chop on the water. These boards are stable, comfortable to ride, and great for going straight for long distances at a good pace. If you like to cruise the open water at a reasonable speed, this is the paddle board for you and my personal favorite.

Racing Paddle Boards, slip through the water with ease. The boards long, narrow, and sleek design make it the perfect weapon for speed. If you like going fast and covering as much water as possible, this is the board for you. One thing to keep in mind is the length of the board in proportion to your weight. I recommend a 14ft board for someone 6ft or taller. If you want specific guidance on what type of board to buy shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.

Lastly, if there are any topics that you would like us to cover in our blog series, please feel free to shoot us an email with your ideas, and we would be happy to include your topics in future blogs.